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Best strategy games for consoles

Game consoles used not to be a type of platform that is well suited to complex strategy games. Whether the reason were the lack of control that a mouse-and-keyboard setup provides or the fact that console gamers simply were not used to this type of gameplay, it was long thought that PC is the real platform for strategy lovers. However, with successful ports of console RTS titles such as Starcraft, it turned out that it is indeed possible to translate this type of gameplay into consoles. Let us then take a look at the best strategy games available for game consoles right now.

One of the biggest classics of console strategy is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Originally released for PlayStation 2 and later ported over to Nintendo DS and PC, it is a fantastic mixture of strategy and role-playing that is sure to please fans of both genres. It is a rare type of game that is challenging and entertaining in equal measure, since it combines complex gameplay with tons of wacky humor. Because of this, it managed to appeal to a wide range of players.

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One of the biggest success stories with regards to console strategy games is definitely XBOX’s Halo Wars series. A spin-off of a popular first-person shooter franchise, it was the game that showed the real-time strategy gameplay can be really satisfying with gamepad controls. However, compared to some of the more complex titles out there, this is a rather simplified version of this type of gameplay, which makes it a great proposition for beginners.

One of the most interesting strategy titles in recent years (regardless of platform) is definitely the Banner Saga series. A title with beautiful hand-painted graphics, it lets the players control a caravan of Vikings chased by a warlike race. The game really makes the player feel like a leader of a group put into a desperate situation. Because of this, his warriors will almost always be outnumbered and he will be constantly forced to make difficult moral decisions. All of this is combined with a compelling plot that makes excellent use of the Norse mythology!

If you like unique combinations of different types of gameplay and artistically compelling graphics, Valkyrie Chronicles might be just what you need. It is a game that manages to combine the best elements of turn-based strategy and third-person shooter. As a result, the gameplay is at the same time thoughtful and dynamic, making it one of the most compelling and unique strategy titles out there. What is more, its graphics are incredibly stylish, with truly beautiful water-color backgrounds. Although the title began its life on PS3, it has been updated on PS4 and ported to PC, which is a really great indication of its charming qualities.

One of the most popular subgenres of strategy are city management games, and it thankfully has some great representations on consoles. One of the best examples is Tropico 5, in which the player plays a role of a dictator of a ‘banana republic’. Because of its rather unorthodox premise, it is a fantastic choice for players who like to put their morality aside while gaming – sort of a strategy equivalent of a GTAor Saint’s Row game, with all the dark humor and amorality that it entails. Most importantly, the developers have done a great job of adjusting the controls to the console controllers, ensuring a wonderfully smooth experience for PS4 and Xbox players.

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