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Best racing games for PC

Driving a sports car at an incredible speed is a dream of many, but unfortunately not many of us can fulfill it. Thankfully, there is a much safer and cheaper way of achieving this kind of excitement – racing games! Right now, there are a lot of great racing games for PC, offering both arcade-type fun and realistic simulations of driving. If you also have a decent racing wheel, they will really make you feel like a pro race driver! Let us take a look at some of them.

If you are looking for a realistic rally game, you can do no better than Codemasters’ Dirt Rally. Not only does it boast an incredibly realistic physics, it also introduces engrossing strategy elements into the mix. Basically, an important aspect of the game is maintaining your car at every race stage. What is more, the game has attracted a dedicated community of modders, who creations are helping to make this already compelling game even more realistic and complex.

If you are looking for something more movie-like, you should definitely try Driver: San Francisco. Unlike most of the titles mentioned here, it prioritizes fun, cinematic action instead of realism, allowing you to take part in car chases straight out of best action movies. It doubles down on style, as it takes part in 70s San Francisco and wows you with period-accurate vehicles and soundtrack. All of this comes together to create a title that is above all extremely entertaining.

One of the most beloved console racing franchises is Forza Horizon and in 2016, it finally made its way into personal computers. Forza Horizon 3 is a great game even for those who usually do not like the genre, as its beautiful recreation of Australian landscapes is sure to please anyone who likes to immerse himself in eye-pleasing virtual worlds. Best of all, this is a game that can be made as complex or simple as you want, meaning that it can be enjoyed both by advanced and novice players. Unlike many other games on this list, it is basically an open-world game, giving the players a lot of freedom with regards to causing as much mayhem as they want.

For anyone looking for a good mix of realism and accessibility, Shift 2 and Project CARS 2 are two really fantastic choices. The former has a fantastic camera that adjusts as you play, always giving you the exact view you need in the moment. Meanwhile, the latter has some truly fantastic cars that control extremely well. Because of this, it manages to avoid the kind of control-related frustration that plagues many realistic driving games. On the other hand, it does have a realistic weather system ,meaning that the player will need to take into consideration the state of the track.

For the players looking for truly exciting tracks to drive through, there are no better propositions than TrackMania 2: Canyon. In this game, the players will get the opportunity to drive through tracks full of Hot Wheels-type obstacles. The real fun of the game starts in multiplayer, in which the competition is usually fast, fierce and unpredictable. Perhaps not the most realistic game, but is realism is always what we crave for?

Last but not least, we definitely could not have this list without a Formula 1 game! Codemasters’ F1 2016 is the best Formula 1 game in years. It offers a robust career mode, a lot of customization options and a fantastic physis system. The fans of the sport will definitely be satisfied with this extremely well-done offering!

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