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Best horror games of the last few years

There is a certain type of player who just loves to be scared. If you are the kind of person who loves to crawl through dark corridors of virtual haunted houses and abandoned space stations, you will definitely enjoy our selection of the best horror games on the market. They are sure to scare even the most jaded players!

Since the 1986’s release of Aliens, there has not been an Alien movie that was not controversial in some way. Alien 3 and 4, both parts of Alien vs Predator, Alien: Covenant – all of those movies received, to say the least, decidedly mixed reviews. However, if you are an Alien fan who looks for an experience that truly evokes the same kind of dread that the 1979 original did, you will definitely be very happy with Alien: Isolation game – a survival horror that serves as a direct sequel to the first movie. It reproduces the visuals of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece with uncanny faithfulness and takes a lot of its gameplay ideas from the System Shock series.

This does not mean that it lacks fresh ideas, the most interesting of which is definitely the unpredictable AI schematics of the eponymous monster. Basically, the player can never know when the alien will appear and everytime it does, there is no way of killing it – the only option is to make a hasty escape. Because of this, the game is often almost unbearably tense. It also features an ultra-tough Survival mode, in which the player is not allowed even to save – a great proposition for the players who experienced players who want a truly tense (if rather frustrating) experience.

For the last several years, the Resident Evil series had seemingly abandoned its hardcore horror roots, putting emphasis on action instead. However, with its seventh installment, the franchise has become more terryfing than ever! Resident Evil 7: Biohazard takes place in the American South and pits the player against a family of cannibals. You could call it Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game and you would not be off-base. What is important is that unlike the few previous Resident Evil games, it really does make player feel helpless and its plot has a more down-to-earth, less campy flavour. Because of this, it really is a proposition for fans of real video-game horror.

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