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Best games for parents to play with their children

Video games can be a great proposition for parent-child bonding. However, the struggle is to find the right titles – ones that can be age-appriopriate and equally fun for the parent and the kid. Let us then take a look at some games that fit those criteria!

There is perhaps no game more beloved by children than Minecraft. Essentially a virtual LEGO set, it offers tons of great options for building virtual playsets that both the child and the parent can enjoy. Best of all, it can be played at many complexity levels, meaning that it can offer a lot of fun for kids of different ages.

Another great choice are the LEGO games. They feature characters from many franchises that kids love, such as Marvel, Star Wars or Harry Potter. What is more, they offer a co-op mode in which the kid can be guided through the levels by the parent. Thanks to this, they are also a great proposition for younger kids who are still learning to use a controller. On the other hand, the parents will definitely appreciate their wacky humor.

Mario games are a very attractive proposition for a similar reason. For instance, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Odyssey can be played even by the kids who are still just learning to use the controller, even though it probably means that they will only be performing select actions themselves and mostly just watch you play. What is more, Super Mario Odyssey features an „assist mode”, in which the child is helped by the parent. The parent will also have a lot of fun: there is a reason why Super Mario Odyssey is widely considered one of the best (if not the best) platforming game of recent years. It combines a wacky story with colorful graphics and fun sandbox world.

If you think that your kid is ready to play a long game with you, Zelda: Breath of The Wild is a fantastic game. This beautiful open-world game is perhaps overly complex for a kid to play alone, but guided by his parent, any child can have a lot of fun with it. As it is quite a long and wonderfully atmospheric fantasy title, your child will feel as if taking on a big adventure with you! This is a game as big and complex as Witcher 3 and Dark Souls, but much less dark, violent and difficult.

If you have a tween/teenage kid, there is a solid argument for sport games such as FIFA or PES as great bonding activities. Those games are at the same non-violent and attractive to both adults and older children. Also remember that older children are quite happy to compete with (and beat) their parents!